Let’s take a look at your landscape…

Written on 05/27/2021
Casey Dowling - Lawntech Manager

Have you taken a good look at your landscape lately?


After the ice storm of a century, most of our lawns and landscapes looked as though they had been through a war. Almost all of our plants were completely defoliated and had us concerned that they might not ever recover. However, most have shown great resilience and surprisingly our azaleas bloomed just as they usually do even without leaves on them.

Even though most of our plants have recovered, the exception being the Indian hawthorns most of them are still in a weakened state. As we transition into summer temperatures, there will be some challenges that we need to keep in mind. One is proper irrigation. We have had an exceptionally wet spring, while on one hand that has been nice the opposite side of that is we can expect an abundance of insects and diseases to deal with.

Landscapes need to be protected from all the creepy crawlers and fungi that attack them in the summer months. Lacebugs, whiteflies, aphids, and of course that nasty scale that ruins our crepe myrtles will have to be addressed, just to name a few. In addition, we can expect that since things have been so wet root rot will be an issue as well. As it gets hot and dry later in the summer, the plants begin to die back if the roots are in bad shape. Proper irrigation is a must!

We want to help. As your partners in the care of your property, we can assess your landscape to identify potential problems and make recommendations as to how you can care for your plants now. Let us know and we will schedule a no-cost inspection. If we can provide you with solutions, we would be glad to, if you just need the advice and want to take care of things yourself, we want to help with that as well.

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